Hello and welcome to video number four, we're going to talk about Facebook audience insights .This is basically a free tool that is available to anyone who has a Facebook account .And this is a very valuable tool because what Facebook is doing is it's giving you direct access to a lot of its data which is very, very important and it enables you to figure out a .lot more about who you're targeting .So so to give you some practical examples .Let's head on over to the tool and show you all of it in action .Okay, so to get to Facebook audience, insights, you'll need to go to business.facebook.com, .you'll need to login to your personal Facebook profile, and you'll need to set that up if you haven't .And after that, you'll need to click on the top .Go to audience, insights, and here we are .So what this allows you to do is, like, I said, it allows you to enter a location and age and gender specific interests .And if you have a page, and let's say, for example, the page is highly populated, or at least has a couple thousand people .You'll be able to figure out who exactly is inside that .Facebook page in terms of demographics .Now, if you don't have a page, no big deal .I'm going to show you how to use a tool so that you can find the right information about the person You try to Target .Okay, so up at the top, we have location .I'm going to keep it at United States, but if you click the sex here, you can actually change it to something else like Australia like that .But in this case, we're going to do United States .And the next thing you can do is age and gender .So if you're targeting a niche, let's say that is mainly women .Then you're going to want to click women here .But if it's mainly men, you want to click men here and of course, if you're trying to Target everybody, then it can be all male and female .And if it's specific age group, you can select the minimum age group .So let's say that we want to Target anybody from 30 and up .So 30 and up .So this can be any, we can change this to 3265 plus and then of course we have interest .Now, what I like to do is I usually like to start with the smallest amount sold 18 to any And all cuz when I want to do is not assume that I know who the demographic .is, unless I have had previous sales, and a lot of the sales were just mail or the, a lot of the sales were just female, so bear in mind, you're nice .You know, you're nice better .So what I like to start out with is interest .So, the kind of stick with what we were talking about earlier .If we type in scuba and we have scuba diving here, we see that this is an interest .And up the top, we have four million to about 45 .million people who are interested in scuba diving in the United States and that are all ages and all genders .Now this is really interesting about Facebook in order for them to be, put into a specific interest .They have to have gone to websites that are related to scuba diving .So you can get more specific if you enter that in here .Now, if we take a look at them, a graphics, you can see that about 56% are men and 44% are women .So we see that the majority appears to be about 25 up .So it's low here and increases here and then a decrease is down here .So we can kind of gauge that the large amount of people in this interest are 25 to 34 or 25 to 44 .Now bear in mind that doesn't necessarily mean that they are buyers yet, but this helps you paint the picture .Now, if we stroll down a bit, we can see that the majority of these people that are interested in scuba diving are married and they have at least a college education level .So this is a well-educated group .We can see that the job title Now, if I scroll to the right here, this is it is important because it it tells you which one of these are increasing rapidly .Now we can see .That production has the most, so it has 21%, and then it's got transport, and moving 13% .So, what this means is, the people who are interested in scuba diving that are in this specific, interest have this particular job title, Now, we stroll up, we can click on a page likes and this .is actually very interesting because this allows you to see which Pages they like .So, for example, we have for Ginnie Springs that the specific clothing brand or interested in Salt Life and grunt style clothing store, we can see outdoors and sporting goods company Bass .Pro Shops are interested in there, interested in a lot of outdoors, type shops websites .Musicians are interested in TV shows that they like so Duck Dynasty .So imagine being able to targets, let's say males from ages, 25 and up or maybe 25 to 45 who like Duck Dynasty and scuba diving, so you can, you can create is conditional targets and target .people specifically So we go through, we see page likes, we can go visit the pages and take a look at what they like and get an idea of how they're interacting with page content are the .viewing and all that .Now, if we scroll back to the top weekly on location, this allows us to see the top cities .So we can see Tampa Florida to Honolulu Hawaii .So a lot of Florida and Hawaii here, which kind of makes sense because Hawaii and Florida, both have a lot of beaches, a lot of places to scuba dive and then we have top countries .Top languages .So that English .So bear in mind that because we are targeting the United States that it's really only showing cities countries and languages within the United States .Now, if I were to make this worldwide, this would broaden our Spectrum .So if you click on activity, we can get a better view of how people are interacting with this Niche .What kind of devices that are using? They're using mainly mobile devices, iPhones, and Androids .So we can see that a lot of them are not at desktop, which gives us an idea that these because these are outdoorsy people, they're most likely not going to be surfing on the inside or .in their house, basically .So now, let's take all this information and let's create an avatar in the next video .