Hello and welcome to video number six and we're going to talk about the important, Facebook ad rules .This is very, very important .Because like I said earlier, if you do not follow Facebook rules, you can easily get banned and it's very hard to get an ad account back .All right, so we want to make sure that we really go through the Facebook ad policy with a fine-tooth how many show you a few things that are very important that you really need to pay .close attention to .Because at the end of the day, Facebook cares, more about their customers, which essentially are their users, then you as the advertiser because if they offend their users, guess what? We're going to spread and they're .not going to want that .So we want to make sure that we do not offend people according to Facebook's rules .All right, so let's Dive In .Okay, so what you want to do is you want to head on over to facebookcom .policies, / ads that's facebookcom .policies / at .Okay .So when you get to this you're going to see a lot of advertising policies and you want to go through these .I know this is boring but this is very important because if you don't follow Facebook rules, they will simply been you and that will be tough and what we've seen and the passes, even if you .do the right thing sometimes, even if you make a little bit mistake, you can get vant .Your ad account, delete it .So Facebook is very very, very big stickler to rules one .Big rule is how you talk to people .You don't want to say things like you're going to lose weight in a certain amount of days you don't want to make these .Oops .So I'm going to show you in second how to write your apps .So this is a good way to figure out what Facebook likes would Facebook doesn't like .So policies is our advertising policies sexually, suggestive, content, Facebook friends .So what we going to do is we want to open these up and new windows Okay .So personal attributes .This is big basically .Facebook does not like it .When you point people out and say, hey, you're this right? So you would want to be as indirect as possible because Facebook is so powerful, in the sense that you can Target people of a specific, .radio station gender age interest at all that you have to be careful .So basically says, policy ads must not contain content that asserts or implies a person's race at the origin religion, beliefs age, sexual orientation, mental status financial status or anyting .So, what's nice about this is Facebook gives you some examples .So it says, for example, a creative that describes or shows the pro mode .Product or service .So you can talk about your product and service all you want .But you cannot do is refer to somebody and basically say Hey you know, me so and so so for example rates you can say meet Hispanic men online now or fine black singles today because what .this does is it doesn't apply or imply that you are that race .So for Staples has meet other certain race singles near you .So, would this applies is that you are black because it says the other so you can't say meet other what a race singles near you, because it implies that race or religion .It says date Christian, Singles, or looking for Buddhist near you meet Hindu singles online out .So this doesn't apply that you are this race .If you say, are you Christian? That's a sure .Fire way to get band .At 8, same thing meet seniors, does it imply that you can see when you see meet when you say meet other seniors the word other or are you that implies that persons typical traffic and they .do not like that? So, like, here, are you gay? Are you? Are you lesbian? You have to be careful about that .Facebook does not like that .They really don't like that .Okay, so this is a big part of the policy, so make sure you go through that and make sure that when you write your ad copy that you comply with these policies and then we have .adult content, they definitely do not like nudity apply noodle nudity .They don't like anything that shows anything sexual in nature, ABS, buttocks chest, even though it might not be offensive to you .It's definitely offensive to Facebook because they don't want to offend anyone, all right .Sexually explicit content, even though it may not be nude .It's portraying excessive nudity like this .Just even a chest or even a statues of the statues .Okay, it's a statue .So that's fine .But real-life sexuality or the sexual nature is is not okay .So what you need to do is go through the prohibited content, make sure that you're not in their weapons, third-party infringement, personal attributes, and all that .So I know this takes time But it's going, you're going to be thankful in the future .Because when you get an account banned or deleted, that's just a headache .Another thing is brand usage and add, they don't like it when you use other people's Brands if it's your brand, that's okay .But if you use something like Coca-Cola's brand and your ads, that means it's going to be a legal lawsuit against them and they don't want that .All right? So they don't want to deal with that .So, if we go back to the first page, we can see the ad review process .We can get an idea of how they review ads Sosa's doing the add review process, will check ads images, text targeting and positioning usually by default, the Facebook robot will essentially approve, you're at but over .time you might be getting a manual review, which means a an actual human may be reviewing your ad .Sometimes if you get your ass to disapproved and, you know, you've read through and you complied with those rules, then you can request a manual review or you can contact them via support as well, so .make sure you read through it .